Missing Pieces

Today was hours and hours of planning as I see the finish line in the not-so-distant future. Planning the remaining eight weeks is like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle without all of the pieces (e.g., we don’t know yet if we will be administering standardized tests and, if so, if it will be the full complement of tests or an abbreviated version). My office floor is covered in stacks of notebooks, books, and papers that I continually shuffle as I map out on a chart where these various elements may or may not go. I make lists of what I would like to do, and I make lists of what I will cut if I don’t have time (see above: tests or no tests). All to say, I am out of time to write. I am glad that I began the day with reading because I am going to be working late!

Bradbury Challenge

Essay: Rebecca Solnit, “Ice” from The Faraway Nearby

Story: Grace Lin, “The Difficult Path” from Flying Lessons and Other Stories (edited by Ellen Oh)

Poem: Li Po, “The Difficult Path” (within Grace Lin’s short story)

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