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Three minutes in …

Three minutes in … To my renewed morning ritual Of early to rise Of slow to wake Of pen to page Ethan flutters his eyelids Army crawls to my side From my lap, I lift my hands Pen in one, notebook in the other He drops his head to My belly, now his pillow AndContinue reading “Three minutes in …”


Counting Toward Home

6:30AM watch alarm 6:32AM back-up phone alarm 1 pot of coffee 3 under-the-bed checks for left-behind socks, chargers, books 5 bikes jigsawed onto the rack 8:24 AM departure 5 stops: doughnuts, gas/sandwiches/coffee/restroom, pizza/snacks/restroom, gas/restroom 4 weather shifts: cloudy to drizzly to snowy to rainy to cloudy 2 mountain passes 1/5 of Harry Potter and theContinue reading “Counting Toward Home”